(GrCh. Shadomoon's Competitve Edge RN CA CGC X Willogold's Unexpectedly Ava

OFA-hips Good Elbows Normal | Cardiac Normal

Patellas Normal | Eyes clear

MDR1 M/N | Scissors bite | 

Ch. Catalinas Aumum Be In Pictures

GrCh. Eqinox the Edge of Reason RE

Ch. Shenandoahs Point in Time CD RE

Ch. Bofelli jewel of the Desert

Shenandoah Diamond in The Ruff

GrCh. Shadowmoons Competitve Edge RN CA CGC

Shadomoons Again Again Again

Ch. Surenuf a War Dancer

Shenandoah Diamond in the Ruff

Willogold's Unexpectedly Ava

Howlyn Spring Fling

Ch. Poinsett's Lock N Load

Ch. Howlyn Allure RN

MBIS GrCh. Rainydays Reason To Believe 

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