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Here you will find dogs that I have bred or owned that have had a big impact on who Cheynat is today.  I truly thank each and every dog for being who they are as well as the breeders for allowing us the opportunity to be owned by these wonderful dogs.

Mythical I am Sam I am

(Thornapples Bad Habit X Mythical Blue Lite Special)



Faithworks Made in America

(Countrywoods on a Jazz Kick X Countrywoods Faithful Follower)


Ch. Cheynat's Songs of My Heart

(Mythical I am Sam I am X Claddagh's Shot Thru The Heart)



Encore's Maid Ya Smile RN

(Rockin K's Bustin Loose X Encore's Sure Maid For Me)


Ch. Cheynat's She's Everything AGN AGNJ RN CGN 

(Mythical I am Sam I Am X Hearthside's Pedal Pushers)


Cheynat's Captured My Heart

(Brittmar's Capture the Castle x Wickstones Heart of Cheynat)


Hearthside's Pedal Pushers

(Hearthside City Slicker X Hearthside X Sizzle)


Abpopa's Mirror of Erised

(Buff Caps This is the Time X Starsky's Windsong of Aurora)


Cheynat's Made In Canada Eh

(Moorea's Black N Blue X Faithworks Made in America)


Cheynat's Repeat of the Heart RN

(Cheynats Wheat Field Runner X Cheynat Sister Mary Margarita)


Cheynat's UR My Venus UR My Fire RN

(Kirrabu\illi's Raisin a Ruckus X Hearthside Pedal Pushers)


Ch. Cheynat's Sinnfully Delicious

(Ch. marabil's Some Sin for Nuthin X Cheynat's Cookie CGN)


Ch. Cheynat's Hot to Trot

(Ch. Marabil's Some Sin for Nuthin X Ch. Cheynat's She's Everything)


Ch. Samilyn's Kilroy was Here

Ch. Bayouland's Eternal Glory X Peppertree's Peppermint Twist


Samilyn's Perpetual Motion@Image

Ch. Bayouland's Eternal Glory X Peppertree's Peppermint Twist


Ch. Cheynat Walkin a Thin Line

(Ch. Eweturn's Fortunate Discovery RN X Abpopa's Mirror of Erised)


Dreamstorie's Zoey

( Ch. Eweturn Airborne Discover Me x Ch. Marabil's some Sin For Nuthin)


Cheynat's Dangerously Delicious

( Ch. Bleuroyal Danger Zone x Ch. Cheynat's Sinnfully Delicious")


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