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Reading and research are two of the best ways to choose a breed and get expert advice about puppy-rearing, dog car, and all types of training.  But how do you pick the right ones from among the thousands of dog books on the market?


That's where we come in!


We have searched the web to find the best books and videos available to you for selecting, raising, training and enjoying your dog.  To ensure you get the best customer service possible, we have joined forces with to bring you our recommendations for all kinds of Australian Shepherd and dog-related books.


It's easy!


1. Click on the topic below to find the books or videos we recommend.


2. If you have just gotten a new puppy, or have one arriving shortly, you can go directly to our Puppy Raising section to see the books we recommend for our puppy buyers.


3. If one of the books meets your needs, look in your local library or, to buy it on line, click on the icons below to go immediately to site to make your purchase.


4. HINT: Remember, books make great gifts for your dog-owning friends!


Australian Shepherds


Australian Shepherds Complete Pet Owner's Manual
All About Aussies:  The Australian Shepherd From A to Z by Jeanne Joy Harnagle-Taylor
Australian Shepherd: A Comprehensive Guide to Owning and Caring for Your Dog
The Guide to Owning an Australian Shepherd
The Total Australian Shepherd: Beyond The Beginning by Carol Ann Hartnagle and Ernest Hartnagle


Puppy Selection


Your Purebred Puppy : A Buyers Guide
The Perfect Match : A Dog Buyer's Guide


 Puppy Raising


How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With by Clarice Rutherford and David Neil Did you know that if certain things aren't taught to a puppy in the first twelve weeks of life, it will be much more difficult for him to learn? In this book you'll learn in easy-to-understand language just how a puppy's body and mind develop and what you can do to help him develop in the right way. You will find the 186 pages of this book invaluable in your puppy training. Many breeders make this book required reading for their puppy buyers. (Paperback, 186 pages)

"...absolutely indispensable to everyone having anything to do with puppies: breeders owners, trainers, instructors ... totally positive approach ... a fantastic book about puppy rearing."   -- Fran Ennis, Off-Lead

Good Owners, Great Dogs
Childproofing Your Dog : A Complete...
Mother Knows Best : The Natural Way to...
The Art of Raising a Puppy

Puppy proofing your Home
How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend : the Monks of New Skete.  This 20-year old classic will teach you how to develop a deep and lasting relationship with your dog. Wonderful techniques for puppy training. If you buy no other book when you get your puppy, get this one!


 Dog Behaviour


The Dog's Mind : Understanding Your...
Help! My Dog Has An Attitude
Dog Behavior : Why Dogs Do What They Do
Culture Clash

Training the aggessive dog


 Basic Dog Training


Training Your Dog : The Step-By-Step...
What All Good Dogs Should Know: The...
The Canine Good Citizen : Every Dog Can...
Surviving Your Dog's Adolescence : A...


 Competition Obedience


Beyond Basic Dog Training
Beyond Basic Dog Training-Workbook
Open and Utility Training : The...


 Advanced Training


Excel-Erated Learning : Explaining in...
Don't Shoot the Dog : The New Art of...


 Conformation Showing


Born to Win : Breed to Succeed
The Winning Edge : Show Ring Secrets
Show Me! : A Dog Showing Primer
The New Dogsteps : A Better...
Dual Ring Dog/Successful Training for...




Agility Training : The Fun Sport for All...
Enjoying Dog Agility : From Backyard to...


 Caring For Your Dog


Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
UC Davis Book of Dogs : The Complete...
The Merck Veterinary Manual (8th Ed)
The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog
Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural...


 Pet Loss


The Loss of a Pet : New Revised and...
Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates


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