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Please note.  I do things a little differently and do NOT have a waiting list, but rather I have a "Pupdate List".  I use the Pupdate List as a way to communicate with anyone interested in purchasing a Cheynat Aussie.  It does not guarantee you a "Spot" on the list, it is used for INFORMATION only, such as who is due, when the pups are born and what is available.  

For anyone wanting to be on the list I ask that you please go and fill in my questionnaire(I will NOT add anyone without).  Once I have this I will ask if you want to be added, I will only add those that ask.  I ask in return that if you do get a puppy from another breeder or are no longer looking then you PLEASE let me know so I can remove you from the list.

Thank you.


**** Please Note ****

  Please if you are interested, fill in the questionnaire, I  will NOT add anyone to the waiting list with out a completed questionnaire

Please keep watching to see who is next. If you would like to be added to our waiting list please feel free to email us and we can add you to the "Pupdate" list letting you know what is going on and who is due when. *** But before we do that we ask that you help us find the right puppy for you by filling in this questionnaire.*** 

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