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Upon finishing college I got a job at a Veterinarians office as an Animal Health Technologist.  I had decided that I wanted to breed dogs, not only for the pleasure but to help "better" a breed.  I was really torn up over what breed to get.  I had almost decided upon Rottweilers when one day in walked a client with the adorbale red merle puppy.  All intrigued I asked what kind of dog is that? It is an Australian Shepherd I was told.

It was love at first sight, thus began the research of the Australian shepherd.  I found a person relatively close to me that had a litter of puppies, so my husband and I went to check them out.  When we got there, there were two very scared little puppies left.  Having never seen a stranger before, they greeted us with wagging tails (natural bob tails that is) Well, against all advice in the books that we had read we decided that we wanted one of these unsocialized puppies.  Well you can guess what happened next, we couldn't choose between the two and leave one very scared puppy behind so both came home with us.

Greg and I decided to name the puppies Cheyenne (Chey for short) a very cute red merle and Natasha (we called her Nat)  a deep red mahogany puppy.

Thus the Beginning of Cheynat Australian Shepherds!
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